Ranger Cattle: Ranch, Drive-In, a Perfect Fall Evening

Prior to the pandemic, Ranger Cattle focused only on providing high-quality, pasture-raised Wagyu beef. The property acted as a free range for their cattle graze over 3000 acres. While the folks over at Ranger Cattle have never been a stranger to parties and events, they have stepped up beyond measure to provide the Austin-area aContinue reading “Ranger Cattle: Ranch, Drive-In, a Perfect Fall Evening”

5 Places in Austin I Plan to Visit

T-minus 1 week until my feet land in Austin, Texas! With only a little over a month to plan for our move, you better believe that I’ve scoured the internet for fun things to do and cool things to see in Austin! In preparation, I’ve compiled my short list of MUST-DO’s that make me soContinue reading “5 Places in Austin I Plan to Visit”

Flying During the Pandemic

Over the weekend, I braved the airport for a quick weekend strip. While I already told y’all about How I Pack for A Weekend While Flying, but I wanted to fill you in on my experience flying in the era of COVID-19. First, I want to say that I am not the most educated inContinue reading “Flying During the Pandemic”

How I Pack for a Weekend When Flying

We are born and bred in the Midwest to believe that everywhere is within driving distance. One hour? That’s a quick trip. 5 hours? Easy Sunday drive. 20 hours? Just give me a RedBull. I used to think the same thing, driving the distance between Birmingham, Alabama and Southern Illinois multiple times a month. ButContinue reading “How I Pack for a Weekend When Flying”

Post-Vacation Anxiety

The following is an excerpt from Episode 45 – The Slow Burn of Rejection. Listen to the whole episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. I’ve been back to work for one or two days since I went on my week-long vacation. Since being back, I’ve had this weird sensation that I’m going to call post-vacationContinue reading “Post-Vacation Anxiety”