2 Days in Fredericksburg, TX

Needing a break from our routine, we ventured out of Austin a ways (only an hour and a half West) to Fredericksburg. A quaint German town settled by ranchers, Fredericksburg, Texas wasn’t meant to be a tourist attraction. Walking down Main Street, you get the feel that you’re visiting family or your hometown instead ofContinue reading “2 Days in Fredericksburg, TX”

Airing My Dating App Dirty Laundry

I honestly don’t remember online dating as we know it existing before my freshman year of college. sure, I knew older people were meeting on dating WEBSITES like plenty of fish and farmers only, but those were actual websites. Not the apps we know and love today.  I was booed up with my high schoolContinue reading “Airing My Dating App Dirty Laundry”

Anonymity on the Internet

We think of online trolls in the context of celebrity. Those faceless people having something negative to say regardless of the situation. A celebrity cannot walk outside with out a negative comment.  But with the increased access we have with each other through social media comes the invitation to anonymous trolls as well. We wouldContinue reading “Anonymity on the Internet”

Methods to Setting Goals & Achieving Them

Today I hope to pass on some knowledge about goal setting that I’ve gained through my rollercoaster of a leadership career and life thus far. I’m sure we all have an idea about what goals are, so I will not bore you with the details. Instead, I am going to show you the two triedContinue reading “Methods to Setting Goals & Achieving Them”

Top Picks from CoCo Grand’s Black Friday Sale

My friend Collette over at CoCo Grand has built the most impressive boutique with the cutest items! I remember when she was working out of her dorm room & now she has a flourishing online business and storefront in Michigan! Shop small this Black Friday & support a BOSS at CoCo Grand! You can alsoContinue reading “Top Picks from CoCo Grand’s Black Friday Sale”

“When are you getting married?”

The following is an excerpt from Episode 52 – “When are you getting married?”. Listen to the whole episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. It seems like after halloween, the rest of the year just sprints on by. Its a whirlwind of awkward family gatherings and drinking. This year will be very different for me,Continue reading ““When are you getting married?””

Ranger Cattle: Ranch, Drive-In, a Perfect Fall Evening

Prior to the pandemic, Ranger Cattle focused only on providing high-quality, pasture-raised Wagyu beef. The property acted as a free range for their cattle graze over 3000 acres. While the folks over at Ranger Cattle have never been a stranger to parties and events, they have stepped up beyond measure to provide the Austin-area aContinue reading “Ranger Cattle: Ranch, Drive-In, a Perfect Fall Evening”

5 Places in Austin I Plan to Visit

T-minus 1 week until my feet land in Austin, Texas! With only a little over a month to plan for our move, you better believe that I’ve scoured the internet for fun things to do and cool things to see in Austin! In preparation, I’ve compiled my short list of MUST-DO’s that make me soContinue reading “5 Places in Austin I Plan to Visit”

I Can’t Remember the Pledge of Allegiance

How about an embarassing story for Throwback Thursday?? I was scrolling around on TiK-Tok and I watched a video that was poking fun at the students who did the morning announcements at school. Maybe I’m disillusioned, but I’m pretty positive that we had the aid, an actual adult, do the morning announcements. It wasn’t aContinue reading “I Can’t Remember the Pledge of Allegiance”

Should I Write an Acceptance Speech?

The following is an excerpt from Episode 48 – . Listen to the whole episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. In Episode 48 and a previous blog post, I went through the Emmy and MTV Video Music Awards nominations. Both lists came out recently and I had not looked at them before recording the episodeContinue reading “Should I Write an Acceptance Speech?”