Ranger Cattle: Ranch, Drive-In, a Perfect Fall Evening

Prior to the pandemic, Ranger Cattle focused only on providing high-quality, pasture-raised Wagyu beef. The property acted as a free range for their cattle graze over 3000 acres. While the folks over at Ranger Cattle have never been a stranger to parties and events, they have stepped up beyond measure to provide the Austin-area a perfect Fall evening.

Drive-in movies have become more popular during the pandemic for many reasons. With people looking for ways to get out of the house but not compromise their health, the idea of enjoying a movie safely from their car is very appealing. Around mid September Ranger Cattle capitalized on this by providing a drive-in movie experience unlike any other.

I got the opportunity to visit Ranger cattle by winning a giveaway that they themselves put on Instagram (I never win anything!!!). I was more than thrilled as I have had my eye on attending one of their events ever since I moved to Austin. We arrived about 45 minutes after gates had opened and the festivities were well underway. The band was playing classic country and rock music, which perfectly fit the crisp fall weather, and the bonfires were up in flames. There was a lot of socially distance seating available, as well as corn hole to play. The most appealing aspect of the night was the free beer and Jim Beam mix drinks. We had a great time sipping cold drinks and listening to the band while waiting for the show to start.

Ranger Cattle announced over the intercom that the show was going to start and we made our way to our car. Honestly I don’t think there was a bad seat in the house. The blowup projector screen was up on a hill which made it very easy to see. We did have to maneuver our parking to adjust to see the screen better, but that was very easy. While they did have a technical malfunction that resulted in us not being able to watch the originally scheduled movie, we were of course good sports about the new movie selection because our tickets were free (I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!!!).

Currently, ticket prices for one car to attend the events for the night at Ranger Cattle is $50. I am unsure if that ‘one car’ is limited to only two persons or more are allowed, but I do know that Ranger Cattle encourages carpooling. Personally I would pay that price for just two people to attend!

I look forward to the next time I visit Ranger Cattle and hope to make it soon!

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