5 Places in Austin I Plan to Visit

T-minus 1 week until my feet land in Austin, Texas! With only a little over a month to plan for our move, you better believe that I’ve scoured the internet for fun things to do and cool things to see in Austin! In preparation, I’ve compiled my short list of MUST-DO’s that make me so excited to have Austin as my new home. ‘ I can’t wait to experience everything on this list and get a true feeling for Austin, Texas.

1. Texas Farmers Market

Image courtesy of @TexasFarmersMarket on Instagram

We all know that I simp for a Farmers Market. I don’t know what exactly it is – maybe the baked goods, pretty flowers, or fresh fruits & veggies – but that is how I love to spend my Saturday mornings. Texas Farmers Market is open now and proceeding with the proper precautionary measures, as face masks are required for all shoppers. They are open every weekend at two locations: at Lakeline on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm, and at Mueller on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. Some weekends will even feature live music! Find Texas Farmers Market on Instagram HERE

2. Wonderspaces Austin

Image courtesy of @WonderspacesAustin on Instagram

I came across Wonderspaces on Tik Tok, and the #model in me was instantly thrilled. Wonderspaces Austin is the local location of a nationwide series of museum/live art spaces where you can now experience 12 extraordinary artworks from around the world. The first art installation I saw was Hoshi, by Paris0based Nonotak Studio, which is a depiction of infinite space using light, mirrors and sound! Annual memberships are available for purchase, or you can purchase tickets. An adult ticket will be $24, with many student/senior/military discounts available. Find Wonderspace Austin’s Instagram HERE

3. The Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis

Image courtesy of @theoasistravislake on Instagram

Stating that The Oasis has a view is a huge under-exaggeration. Built into the lakeside of Lake Travis, The Oasis is the epicenter of convenience and leisure. You can admire the water views while chomping and sipping away till your little heart desires. Another cute feature of The Oasis is the lock-filled railings, where you can add your own and throw away the key! You can find The Oasis on Lake Travis on Instagram HERE

4. Hamilton Pool Reserve

Image courtesy of @stufftodoinaustin on Instagram

THIS is what I may be most excited about! A natural swimming hole a little bit of a drive outside of Austin, Hamilton Pool was formed by the collapse of an ancient limestone river! Complete with gorgeous scenery and a waterfall, this natural haven might by the most Instagrammable place in Austin!

5. Wonder Bar

Image courtesy of @wonderbar_atx on Instagram

This bar is a new addition to Austin, so I look forward to making my mark here! Complete with bright, colorful, almost-psychedelic scenery, Wonder Bar is supposedly full of surprises! Every article or review I read about this place has a spoiler warning, telling readers that they simply MUST experience this place for themselves! Don’t worry – I’ll be reporting back soon! In the meantime, find Wonderbar on Instagram HERE

I look forward to exploring my new home of Austin, Texas in the coming months (and years, of course!) and bringing you along with me! Stay tuned for more adventures and reviews on all things Austin, Texas!

****Photos used are not my own, and I do not own the rights to these images or their likenesses.

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