Why I Love “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

The following is an excerpt from Episode 42 – You’re Not Too Much; They’re Not Enough. Listen to the whole episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a guilty pleasure that has been getting me through this quarantine because it is just fabulous. It’s everything that I could ever want from a TV show and more.

Image courtesy of Bravo.com

You want to know why I I love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so much?

Those women, the Real Housewives, they have everything that they could ever want, physically, materially. They have houses, they have cars, boats, Louis Vouiton, red bottoms. They have all of it.

But they still bicker and fight like the rest of us. They have the same drama between the friends that we in the other lower classes have.

On one hand, I watch to see the glitz, the glamour, the beautiful outfits, and the crazy parties. But on the other hand, I watch to be validated that everyone has drama that no matter how much money you have, no matter how many houses, or how many cars. No matter what, you’re still going to have petty drama between friends (or so-called friends).

Sure, sometimes it’s still going to come down to I don’t like your outfit so I’m going to make fun of you. Granted, some of the the arguments that go down between the Real Housewives are over suing each other, , not staying at that person’s hotel

We have the same arguments, just on a smaller scale. You know, we’re just kind of the housewives to argue about you didn’t stay at my hotel when you were in Vegas. Well, I remember when people would come to visit my town and didn’t come to see me or stay with me and I would be upset. So, it’s kind of the same thing. It’s just on different scales!

The drama shows everyone, no matter the zip code, money, or whatever, will still have drama, just the rest of us. Other shows, it’s more trashy reality TV. Whereas – The Real Housewives – I think the whole series, the whole franchise has this petty, trashy drama with an air of fabulous, gorgeous, glamorousness.

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